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Stamp “Decline” on that thing

Neither my Day 1 or Day 2 posts appear to have made it to the Your Turn Tumblr blog. There is a certain sense of irony there. There may also be human error. I might not have posted correctly or I might have put the wrong email in or something. I will keep posting until the seven days is up. ‘Cause I’m a little riled. And I’m enjoying myself.

Do it no matter if you get recognized or not. Do it even if no one ever posts a comment. Do it if you have strep throat. Do it if you’re in the middle of sex marathon, come up for air and post. That’s the point, right?

Beauty is on my mind today – dark beauty like all the writing in HBO’s True Detective (love this list of memorable quotes from Rust Cohle) which I cannot get out of my mind, even weeks now after I’ve watched it. “If I could do that,” I said one thousand times while watching that show. “If I could only do that.”

Lamb chili on the stove is another beauty. Lunch. The green peppers and onions turned mahogany when I added the chile powder. Seeing the apricot line of clouds between the houses at 5:30, another beauty. The sunset’s gone missing the last few weeks here, buried behind miles of sullen, gray clouds.  President Obama’s defiant State of the Union address – the list goes on and on. I love that beauty can grab you, grab your ribs and crack them open. The symphony, the Uptown Funk video. It’s also sneaks around and surprises you. A colleague tells a story about trying to pull a frozen dollar bill off the sidewalk and we all laugh and make joke after joke. The deadly flowchart forgotten.

It’s late and I’m grasping. Day Three done.

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  1. J. Malone #

    Beck – I just want to let you know that I’m out here on the Left Coast and listening. Closely. Trying to get your drift. I wish you well no matter what the outcome. Push on ! JM

    January 22, 2015
    • Joe, thanks for commenting. I hoped you were out there listening. There’s a book out there by Seth Godin that I’ve been reading and everyone on his email list got an invite to blog for seven days straight as a way of putting your voice out there in the world. Lots is going on at work, so I’m grinding away at post each day without much energy. I’ll get there.

      January 22, 2015
  2. ericrovner #

    Hi Rebecca! Your day 3 post is definitely on the YourTurn tumblr blog! I can help you search for days 1 and 2 if you’d like, otherwise feel free to resubmit and I will publish them again! (I’m helping Winnie behind the scenes). You can find me on twitter too at @ericrovner

    January 22, 2015

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