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Nervous that something might work out OK

JIttery for a few weeks now over a proposal I’m making at work. Here’s the gist – work with a vendor; replace one system with another; ask someone else to do the conversion work; hope it works; if it works then we make a big leap forward in client understanding. Gut check on the plan is that it’s a good one. I trust the folks I’m working with. All the stars aligned to have a lunch meeting and talk it through with the right people and they seem eager to hear about it.

What if it fails? What if it works? What if my gut is wrong?

I love this quote from Samuel Beckett that I found on Improvised LIfe:


Is the project working or failing a better outcome? You’d think “working” would be the only answer. You’d be wrong. Failing has its benefits. Go back to a hidey-hole, nursing wounds, waiting to be brave again. Now that I write that out, it doesn’t seem good. OK then, “working” it is. Heads up, eyes bright, willing to listen, willing to fail. But planning to succeed.

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