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Winter and Corkboard Strips – Be All and End All

The deep part of winter is upon us. The solution to everything rests in these, hung on the kitchen wall by the stairs to the basement.  Once I get these up, I can start pinning up all sorts of stuff on them.  I might even add one or two of these into the mix.  My friend Carolyn will have to come over and help me put them up.  If I don’t make a date, I’ll be writing about this again in May.  I will get it done this winter.Why are the cork board strips crucial?  I’ve no place to put all the things that alarm and encourage me so I can see them.  And then mess with them, poke at them, rearrange them.  I need a place to stare.  This sketch will give you an idea of what I mean:

the wall

There is a chair that faces the wall, but figuring out how to do it would have taken another 20 days.  I learned how to draw the walls using a class in one-point perspective I found on You Tube.  Not too bad, but the desk is goofy.

Back to the strips.  The lure of this thirteen inch computer screen cannot be underestimated.  Ceaseless wandering from one image to the next, sometimes stopping and staying, but most times, just moving, moving, hunting.   I need to sit back and look.  Look at images torn from Vogue and Lucky and InStyle.  Write thought provoking words in big letters and remind myself of something.  I need to look from some slight distance.

The repeated question right now is:   “What is the end goal, what is the project, what is the path from here to there?”  What is the god damn THING that is going to help me make sense of the second half of my life?  Hah! There is no THING.  Everybody knows that.  When I was a kid, I thought the thing was safety and that idea continued on until well into my adulthood.  I don’t know very many things for certain.  Here are three important things:  1)  You have to read books  2)  You need to love a human.  Pets are great, but you need to love a human, preferably many humans 3) Stop counting calories, eat moderate quantities of local food.  I’ll leave you to guess which of these elude me.

What I think the cork board strips will help with is percolation.  What they won’t help with is knowing anything for certain.  They will help me jump from one square to another, see a path of ideas, maybe winnow down dozens upon dozens of ideas into some kind of manageable six petal flower of work.  This is what is in my mind right now about all the things I want to do:  embroidered holiday card for the family with branches of a tree showing all the names, a linen shirt with shadow applique, hardwood floors, small breakfront for the kitchen, move the dishes out of the corner cabinet, redo the pantry, one basic well drafted bodice to sew whatever I want, take a picture of the winter night sky bare black branches against the blue and make fabric from it, stencil the branches, learn to stencil, hmm, seems there is a theme of trees — you get the drift.

None of the things I know for certain are going to get me anywhere figuring out the second half of my life.  And as much as I hate to type this, I need a plan.  I read this post by Penelope Trunk and thought, “Bingo, that’s it.”  And the first part of the plan is the cork board strips.  I stare at that blank wall every day and have been thinking about it for years.  Art work?  Cork squares? 4 x 6 magnetic bulletin board? (This was the favorite idea until I discovered shipping was $300 and you had to meet a freight truck. )  Then I discovered the cork strips and that was it.  Next up, a sewing plan.  That’s right.  A plan.  I am terrified. Plans piss me off.  No telling what’s going to happen.

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  1. Joe #

    Beck – A good read ! I love it when you “flail”! I hear your voice when only Levi is there to hear you. The pix of pretty little girls are nice eye candy but I love the words… and the sounds. Rail on !

    February 1, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      Well, there is lots of flailing going on. I appreciate your good attention.

      February 1, 2013
  2. Elaine Penney #

    Here’s the THING. When the small THINGS pull together into the big THING, the big THING changes and evolves into more THINGS. That tree never stops reaching and branching. So, flail away.

    February 2, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      “The tree never stops reaching ond branching.” This is right and exactly why I need those corkboard strips. Things are ever morphing – thanks for the reminder.

      February 2, 2013
  3. Donna Koltuniak #

    Very interesting. Good luck with the strips and the plan. Go Ravens! Oops…sorry….couldn’t help myself. 🙂

    February 4, 2013

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