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Let’s keep the crazy going – Berardi!

I had a whole post prepared on Antonio Berardi’s Fall 2012 collection and then came my surprise hiatus.  I will share two gorgeous outfits, one for Halle Berry to wear to the Oscars, and one for the meek among us to try and replicate.  For the second one, I had sort of a cool idea about a vest with some fabric recommendations.  It was a bust finally, so just two gorgeous things to look at for now.  But since I am back, I wanted to try Berardi again.  He likes embellishment and while it’s gorgeous, (late breaking news – see this dress on a celebrity – beautiful!)anything even approaching that up here is too, too much.  I do like to share stunning outfits and you can see the whole collection here.  Today though, I want to remain focused on the everyday.  What I am about to show you may seem bonkers, but I am intrigued nonetheless.

Berardi floated lots of sprightly outfits down the runway suitable for the day, a very fun day that no doubt involves gelato, espresso, robins, catcalls, and warm breezes.  Here is one:

berardi 2

I keep musing on what would make an interesting tunic top (that doesn’t bring Woodstock or incense immediately to mind), since that seems to be what my behind is calling for these days.  The treatment here is interesting, three elegant and light layers allowing for movement and appropriate for different bodies and sensibilities.

This particular color-blocking wouldn’t work on me, being thick through the middle, but I could see that bright rosy pink up top, a wide v-neck insert or something.  And that little jacket might be tolerable, even to me. The cut of the sleeve is good for pushing up and the collar is so clean and neat.  As it’s designed here, it’s for the less well-endowed. Not that this fact is a news flash to those who pay attention to the fashion runways. If you’re larger, there’s a way to make it work.  And that third layer, that little vest could be treated like a scarf, adding color and interest, I see a whole shelf of mix and match vests, more accent than clothing.   What really makes it work  are the slim lines.  It is so easy to get too oversized with an ensemble like this.  I am not saying anything about the mesh shorts except that I like the hem treatment.

Sticking with a similar vein, but a skirt, there is this:

berardi 1

I am not sure this young lady is wearing any underwear.  Poor thing.  I love that pretty skirt with those layered tops.  All you sewists out there, can you imagine sewing that swirly top?  Corners to clip, curved edges to bind, hours and hours of work for something you can’t wear every day because it’s too distinctive. Or is that just me?   All we need do is find a great graphic knit and sew up our favorite t-shirt.  If I were to try some similar version, what I really want is the black diagonal insert against the blue. I’d be willing to try that. Replicating a flattering version of the skirt requires some thinking.  That’s a whole lot of fabric on the front there.  The flow and movement is evident and you would feel wonderfully feminine in this, but how to work it for the middle-aged figure?  Can a big old box pleat work?  If the fabric moved enough, maybe.  I do adore that mesh, but holy smokes.  What the hell is it?

OK, enough pondering for the day on high fashion.  I should note that when I went to look for Berardi’s clothes online in the stores,  it’s all so much tamer than the runway.  Even he has to interpret, hone and weed out, I guess.

Little layering vests, my last three words to you.  Little layering vests.

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  1. Donna K. #

    I think the mesh fabric is the same stuff they make those lingerie bags out of…. :-). I like your vest idea; a good translation for Northern MI. I have a similar skirt to this, one I sewed from a Indy pattern (Sewing Workshop maybe?). It does have a lot of fabric swirling around (I used a bamboo tweed, for Winter). It doesn’t quite work for my figure – more of a height issue (for me, lack thereof); it makes me look shorter and thicker than I am. But I do wear it because it’s warm and funky. I can see these ensembles on the well to do Chicago ladies who siege TC in the Summer, knocking people over with their shopping bags and driving the wrong way on Front Street- looking fabulous all the while.

    January 15, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      Ok, that doesn’t sound all that comfortable. I like Jan’s fabric suggestions better. And I don’t mind “siege” instead of “besiege.”

      January 15, 2013
  2. Jan J #

    The skirt looks like a variation of a riding skirt: a-line with a deep center pleat. Imagine it in handkerchief linen or a very fine Swiss cotton for summer . It would be light but not transparent . A silk jersey top and your little layering vest (pique, perhaps) and Bob’s your uncle – you can drive the wrong way down Front Street with the best of them.

    January 15, 2013
    • Donna K. #

      I love it!

      January 15, 2013
      • Donna K. #

        Oh, and that should have been “besiege”..

        January 15, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      I’m with Donna – perfect. Not surprisingly, I have some silk jersey.

      January 15, 2013

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