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Haider and the very odd night

If I tell the true story of my life right now, I would say that I want more.  More energy, more waistline defined, more tea, more words, more books, more writing.  I had to write those first few sentences glasses off and so I couldn’t see the letters as I typed. It occurs to me that I have no real drive even while I so clearly see that there might be a place out there for the ideas running around in my mind.  And then I wind around to aging and think how much my left ribs hurt after stretching too vigorously over the weekend and how I am hobbling around, yelling at the dog when he pulls too hard.  I fell this morning on the walk and wasn’t hurt, but getting up was an awkward and ugly affair.  What does any of this have to do with Haider Ackermann?  I am not sure yet and I doubt I’ll edit this paragraph when I find out.  It’s about time’s passage.  Here’s the point, there are those moments when the world bashes you on the head and maybe you wake up or maybe you fall down dead.

 Haider Ackermann’s Spring 2013 collection was such a moment.  It exploded me. There is a video on that talks about Ackermann going to Colombia, the country from which he was adopted, for the first time.  The trip changed the clothes – less wild colors, something calmer, more romantic and fluid, clothes so subtle and intricate that I could spend hours or days mining the secrets.  When I saw the clothes after seeing the video, I felt like crying thinking, “What is my life”?  It sounds extreme, I know it does.  Maybe even silly.  What I want to understand is how the sight of something wonderful or horrific spurs action.  Real action, not simple registration of an emotion or idea.  I want to understand how one lifts the ship of one’s current life and turns it to new harbor. What if I had a simple goal?  I would like to meet Haider Ackerman.  I would like to shadow him as he creates his fall collection.  So, I am going to see about that.  Sheer fucking insanity, but a big project is but a series of small tasks.  I need his home address.

OK, clothes.  It may well be that all of the above emotional outpouring will leave you laughing when you see the clothes.  Here is the bullseye favorite:

haider 2

That gray tweed practically vibrates and the steel blue with the black piping  – they go together like cupped hands and running water.  Take a look at the close-up shot –

haider 9

Those bands on the hip are part of the top and wind around to the back. Lovely in the front but mostly nuts as they make a band across her behind.  Nobody can wear that. But the blue, the blue gray, the black.  Whoa.  There’s a hint of matador in this that I find very appealing.  Ok, back to earth.  How might we make this work in our neck of the woods?  I didn’t do much with the Donna Karan post in this regard, so I will try to do better this time.

No butt bands, that’s for certain.  I’d steal the color scheme first thing, that’s obvious.  I’d make a simple jacket and pipe the bottom edge, again, straight steal.  And I would like a wrap top under that simple jacket.  One of the key things that works is the fierce line of the jacket edge with the wide band and closed neckline of the top.  You could replicate this with a knit top, maybe one that’s less androgynous.  I do love the boyish quality of this outfit.  Or change the wrap top to an open kimono-ish vest and have a simple t-shirt underneath.  I don’t know what about the pants.  If you had the figure, ski pants would be cool.  I couldn’t do the short jacket without something longer underneath or a less form-fitting pant.  How about slim, long shorts?  That’s dead cool.

I’ve poured part of my heart out and I have no idea what will come of it.  One shopping action item – grey/blue tweed, preferably a doubleknit, preferably tomorrow.  It won’t be that easy, though.  It never is.

No commentary, but here are other beauties:

Float, black column, best tux outfit ever

All images courtesy of

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  1. Elaine Penney #

    I could see a very limited number of people here (not moi, you understand) that could pull off something somewhat similar. Sans the bands. (and the shoes – never saw anything quite like the shoes)

    January 12, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      The shoes are crazy. I hear you. I still think there is something about the clean line of that jacket that could work for lots of folks. The color combination continues to delight.

      January 12, 2013
  2. Donna K. #

    The fit of the jacket and those wonderful slight-bell sleeves….nice! One could take the blouse sans bands, as you suggest, and the neckline is perfect for the lines of the jacket. I like the piping on just the bottom of the jacket; avoids the matronly and says “edgy”. I also like the necklines of the vests and blouses on the other garments in the collection. Colors – perfect! I see a lot here worth stealing. And elements of it can certainly be made to work for real life. Just wish I could wear those shoes…those days are long gone!

    January 12, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      I never wanted to wear shoes like that. It’s easier to understand the butt band on that top than it is the shoes. And you’re right, there are gorgeous, gorgeous necklines in that collection and lots to borrow.

      January 13, 2013
  3. Kim D #

    I love the colors — that jacket is stunning – the lines are amazing and the sleeves are the best detail. Definitely skip the back band on the shirt. The black column may be my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration

    January 12, 2013
    • Rebecca Davis #

      I was thinking after I wrote the post that the colors remind me that moment in the winter night sky where the trees are black against the fading and deepening blue. You’re welcome for the inspiration. My goal is to keep at it and do more.

      January 13, 2013
  4. Donna K #

    Sorry, still like the shoes….

    January 14, 2013

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