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Sexy and Sweaty – Helmut Lang

I have always loved Helmut Lang.  When I became aware of him, I can’t say with any accuracy, sometime while I lived in New York City.  No doubt there was ogling and craving in Barney’s at some point.  When I think of Helmut Lang, I think:  black, tough, asymmetrical, leather, out there.  All of which works for me, except the unrelenting black.  (I agree with Angie over at You Look Fab, who wrote a post recently about all black outfits, including tips on how to brighten them up if you are so inclined.)   Helmut Lang’s Fall 2012 collection had all these elements plus a gorgeous rust red and ruby red here and there.  And several outfits that reminded me of blond brownies and tawny lions.  No red, no lions for today’s commentary.  Instead, something heavy and something light, both of which make me think of sweat and post-apocalyptic worlds.  At least the movie version of a post-apocalyptic world.

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