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If only we could all afford all the cashmere we wanted – TSE

Last July, when I was in San Francisco with my family to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday, I stepped inside a TSE store thinking, “Maybe?”  Oh no, absolutely not.  Not even a scarf.  If I hadn’t already spent $400 at the Fluevog store, I might have persevered on the scarf.  The store was spare and gray, clean and uncluttered.  Nerve-wracking for a pudgy person like me; I might run into something, send something clattering to the floor.  Immediately, I know I cannot buy any clothes.  The sales staff knows that, too, and they greet me but depart. I wanted to mess that store up.  It took 45 seconds to cave and start skulking around thinking, “Not worthy, not worthy.”  Then I move to the sale rack and send the clear signal that I am surprised by the prices and my only hope is something on sale.  Such is the life of a pudgy regular person with normal financial constraints who lacks confidence in high end stores.  (No need to call me out on the shoe thing.)

TSE makes beautiful clothes, however, and the first outfit I’m showing you here from the Fall 2012 collection is spectacular. 

It’s not sensible, it’s not reproducible (unless you sewed two layers of fabric together and then cut out those half-moon shapes, that’s a thought), and it is probably hotter to wear than our torturous summer.  Feast your eyes anyway.  Here’s what to do with this:  Make it a winter wedding dress.  There.  And get married outside because you won’t need a coat.

This shot is from the pre-fall collection.

I don’t understand why there is a pre-fall and then a fall collection.  No matter.  Both collections have drab color palettes to my eye and this outfit fits in that category.  Here’s what I do love about this:  I love how the black lines on the brown sweater distract and move the eye with the faux v-neck, the princess lines, the texture. Figure flaws leave town with that kind of trickery.  That midi skirt length is in this fall and I adore it.  That trim skirt with the slight A-line that hits below the knee is perfect in my mind.  I wonder if I could pull this off in blues instead of black.  Blue with what?  Gray? Brown?  Or two different tones of gray?  I like that idea best.  Don’t even talk to me about those silly knee-hi socks.  All sorts of skirts could go with that top – pencil, circle, flare.  Another soft suit idea.  I would wear flats with bows at the toes.  In velvet.

This next idea is a little loopy with the faux fur (I hope) vest.  Overall this is dynamite.

The pants falling straight from the hip with a gorgeous drape (are those fucking cashmere because that would be nuts), the elegant sweater with those little pleats at the waist to give it a touch of something new, and that sea foam green.  This is lovely, approachable, wonderful.  The only difficulty is if you didn’t do the vest, what would be green?  Maybe a cropped jacket with that same cutaway angle to the front and the cap sleeves.  Boiled wool, perhaps, with some embroidery, raw edges.  Subtle, tone-on-tone embroidery.  Yep.

Sunset is working its way down the trees and utility poles.  Lunch is ready for tomorrow.  Time to fold the laundry and finish up the Sunday chores.

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  1. Donna K. #

    Snobby sales people drive me nuts. I always want to remind them that they are retail sales people, for Gods sake, not Nobel Prize winners. Dopes.

    October 1, 2012
  2. Nancy #

    I have found the best way to approach a high-end store is with my sister, although reasonably well off, it’s her off the chart confidence about shopping that makes it work. I think she started reading Vogue at 5 and must just put off “I know what I’m doing pheromones” which actually intimidate sales folks. It’s quite an experience. Oh and I love cashmere but only own one sweater which my Mom had to buy me.

    October 9, 2012

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