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Compendium – sparks from the week

The main spark from the week is our glorious fall weather.  Of course depending on when you click that link, it may not look so good.

Is fit more important than thin? – via  Ash in Fashion

Cauliflower korma – looks a little fussy but this is ringing all my culinary bells and I will be making this on Sunday

Favorite new shopping blog — author is Kim France, former editor of Lucky magazine. Here’s a quote from her About page to explain the gig –

This blog is about the many Girls of a Certain Age who inspire with their style and wit and brains.  It’s about figuring out a new and somewhat tweaked way to look chic and distinctive and sexy—because, as a wise person once said, the older you get, the dumber cool looks.

Great bags that aforementioned blog helped me find.

7-11 and the election -heard about this on NPR and even though the 7-11 spokesman says it’s all just a joke, this marketing ploy has predicted the outcome of the election correctly the last three times.  Hmmm.

Great, great, great outfit – Penelope Cruz in a stunning cardigan/pants look.

Keep laughing – via the amazing Sally McGraw

The photograph?  Two beautiful and soon to be nutritious buttercup squash. One will be soup, the other will be cooked and mixed up with garbanzos, maybe?  From the wonderful Isadore Farm.  At the farmer’s market every Saturday, best carrots around.

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