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Tromping the heath and all that jazz – Burberry


Fall is coming and there is little time for frivolity like ridiculous red coats that trip well-meaning but vain women.  My boss laughed over the last post.  The coat and skirt were the silliest things she’d ever seen.  Not her exact words, but I got the drift.  I laughed when she told me and practically yelled, “Are you kidding, you didn’t like that coat?” Right in the cafeteria, in the middle of the afternoon.  I stand by that coat and instead of deciding to look at her askance for the rest of my life, I flooded with happiness.  It is a silly coat and she’s under no obligation to like it.  But she  and other people saw it.  Good day.

So here is something for my dear manager.  Something sexy and bold but not ridiculous. We’re off to the windy Highlands of Scotland to look at Burberry Prorsum (full collection).  Not that the clothes are made in Scotland that I know of,  but I hope they are made somewhere in the British Isles.  They cost enough money to not be mass-produced by child labor.  It’s all wools, plaids, ribbed tights, roughing it in teeny puffer jackets with some velvet thrown in.  Just the thing for hanging out in a pub in Inverness.  Or at Seven Monks.  There would need to be a little lycra in the skirts.

There’s versatility with this look.


Makes slim girls look curvy, makes curvy girls look like lightening bolts of extreme sexiness.  I also think the skirt could easily be a trumpet skirt with the same sort of jacket. The vibe remains identical and you have a better hope of finding a skirt to reproduce this look.  For the younger set, I support the owl t-shirt.  Graphic t this and graphic t that these days, but I think there’s an expiration limit on this and it ends about mid-30s.  What would a I wear instead?  Sleeveless v-neck tank made of this  or something like this print to keep the graphic feel but mature it a bit.

I have no fanciful concoctions to make of this look, no gritty urchin living in a sewer who becomes the proprietress of an night club or anything like that.  A daily gal, sans makeup, wearing brogues and carrying an LL Bean canvas tote could carry this off.  The roughened jacket makes the wiggle skirt approachable.  Sure, there will be comments.  Let them talk.

This next look verges on ugly and dowdy.  The model isn’t happy about it.

That darling belt, which would disappear into my droopy mid-section whenever I sat down, saves it from dowdy.  The itsy brown jacket saves it, too.  And while the pattern on the fabric is questionable, the cinnamon of the belt, with the raspberry and the grey/brown of the skirt, all of that is arresting and subtle.   I am looking for suits that aren’t suits.  This is a candidate.  I am just not sure if we do this kind of ladylike here in northern Michigan. We do small little down jackets, well maybe not this small and ours usually close, but we do do that. If I take away the shrunken topper, the rest becomes even more daring somehow. I’m nervous.  If I did it, my stomach is camouflaged, tights handle my plump knees, I can go low with the heel of the shoe.  It’s the belt and the peplum and the fact that the top isn’t a jacket.  That’s it.  I can’t get out of this until I get home.  No escape hatch.  No slinging a jacket on the back of the chair and loosening up your scapulas to take another whack at your spreadsheet.  100% lady all day long.  Well, I’m backed into a corner on this one.   It’s time to say good night. I still like the colors. And I love all the gloves and all the bags in this show.  Makeup was great, too. Good night for certain now.

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  1. Donna K. #

    I agree wholeheartedly on the first look – love the skirt. The second look is yucky – my upper arms look like that without any jacket to help them along! – Donna K.

    September 15, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      I know. Yet still it compelled me. It’s a mystery. But the other look is sweet.

      September 15, 2012
      • Donna K. #

        On another topic, do you know of any pre-made, light-weight bias binding I could use to bind the seam allowances of set-in sleeves on the silk charmeuse (ruffle) blouse I am making? I don’t have enough fabric left to make my own, and it seems to me I remember you (or maybe Elaine) using some Steam-A-Seam product awhile ago for something similar. Did I dream this?

        September 15, 2012
  2. June Rengo #

    Love the jacket on the first outfit–my kind of stuff.

    September 15, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      That would be a cute jacket on you and you could pull off that owl t-shirt, too.

      September 25, 2012
  3. Joe #

    Second look – ugly? dowdy? yucky? I’ll take a truckload. Keep the gloves. Agree w/June on #1.

    September 15, 2012
  4. Nancy #

    I made a post (your boss) and you nailed it because I absolutely love the first look, even with the owl t-shirt even though I’m not in the younger crowd these days. Did you know the average age at our place of work is like 33, egad that is the average. So since you nailed a look for me will you buy it for me? Oh and upon a second look I would never where those shoes with that skirt but still you nailed it.

    September 24, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      33? No, I did not know that. Wow. And even though you’ve befuddled me with that information, I will not be buying you Burberry.

      September 25, 2012

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