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Compendium – sparks from the week

Trick bicyclist Danny Macaskills (via The Improvised Life) – I love this guy and even though I and the concept of “athlete” could not be more distant, what he says about practice and work inspires me. My biggest boondoggle with sewing is I refuse to practice and improve.

Amen Jonathan Kozol, amen (via the Daily Good) – the failure of the American education system

Taking care of my feet this weekend – I love the Design Sponge site.  Browse around and find something to entrance you.

Handling bias – saving this tip from Marcy Tilton about working with bias.  It’s a great intro to her lovely fabrics, too.

Creative Bug – just learned about this from Gertie and am debating.  Being the queen of buying classes and then not doing a damn thing, I suspect myself.  But I need tap pants and I know petersham waistbands  are good for my body type.  And, gasp, Natalie Chanin. I will watch this intro more than once.  I want to date her.

Juicy knits for the home – I want to burrow down in these and read Jane Eyre while it rains and burgundy leaves fall to the ground.   And this chair delights me.

The reality of the fashion business – via Gorgeous Fabrics – sobering read.  More hard work and more capricious than most of us imagine.

Next on the movie list – of course it didn’t open in our little hamlet this week.

And the image?  Mine, from the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Frederick Meijer Gardens two Septembers ago.

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