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Wes Gordon to the rescue

The red coat of a lifetime

I have been struggling for days to come up with the next post.  Fear kicked me in the back of the knees repeatedly.  And then I found Wes Gordon and everything changed.  Anyone who employs a floor-sweeping cascading coattail in red has my vote for anything.  For Mean Dog Catcher even.  There are few things that remain unforgiven of the person who created this coat.  I hardly know what to do except squeal.  It’s impractical, it’s inspiring, it’s a minor character in a novel.  Our heroine broke three ribs in a back alley brawl, gave birth to twins, left them for her sister to raise, ran off to London,  and then I don’t know, conned her way in to running an art gallery and wore this exact outfit every single weekend.  It was her regular coat.  Of course, she was also probably a drug addict.

The red coat of a lifetime

This is dangerous to write, but this is my outfit of a lifetime.  I won’t forget this outfit, ever.  Ever see Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer?  They wore long black gunmen coats in that movie that I’ve never forgotten either.  This coat is better.  An Irish Wolfhound at her side would move this photo into the realm of quantum physics – mysterious, true, magical and critical. Androgyny, opulent romance, Sherlock Holmes, white tuxedo shirt (I think) – it’s crazy to think of wearing this up here, right?  Maybe, maybe not.  First off, you don’t like your butt?  Get this coat.  All anyone is going to think, unless your ass fills the back of the coat is that you’re ten feet tall. And you probably do have to be tall to carry this off.  Details, details.  One more detail for me:  Even though I am all over slim pants for the fall, I don’t want that pleating at a low waist.  More of a flat cut, slightly higher rise and the shirt would be untucked.  Maybe a belt over the shirt.

Check out the entire collection from Mr. Gordon.  There is sexy secretaryfully prim and proper, Audrey Hepburn at the dance club and avant-garde artist all mixed in.  One more outfit to review which will bring us back from the top of the ferris wheel.

Green is hot this fall they say out there and I won’t wear it, least favorite color of all time.  However, the components of this look are cool and easy to duplicate.  A slightly form-fitting top in a brocade or some other subtle print.  Sleek neutral layer underneath, doesn’t need to be a turtleneck if that’s not your thing but it does need to extend below the brocade.  Matching full skirt, or choose an A-line silhouette, in the same fabric.  Add simple shoes and a plain bangle.  Voila, a soft suit and you can pull apart all the pieces and use them all over.  The brocade top and turtleneck over jeans.  The skirt with a white crew neck sweater and a black jean jacket.  Retro is singing a bit of a song in this outfit, but it’s not overt.  One more change up for me, were I to knock it off – break up that neckline somehow.  My upper chest need to get out there.  Maybe slightly offset scoop necklines?

And we go out glam with this sloppy and easy evening look.

If I had a chance, I would rub my face against that lining until I fell into a dreamless sleep.  That half-tucked sequined top radiates more cool than I will ever have even if I had millions to spend trying.  The skirt should be purple, though, most assuredly.  Over and out Wes Gordon.  Thanks for waking me from slumber.

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