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Lighter fluid and Zero + Maria Cornejo

The air reeks of lighter fluid, a lazy fire starter must be grilling a burger some place down the road.  My yard is filled with acorns, the most I’ve ever seen in the six years I’ve lived here.  No water this summer and the oaks pitch all they’ve got in search of immortality.  They’ll be OK. The sky finally clouded over today, I turned off the air and opened the windows. Fall comes and I welcome the weather and the clothes.  Layering, tights, boots, cashmere, three wool blankets on the bed.  A good part of the Labor Day weekend was spent plowing through all the September issues of the biggies – Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Marie Clair, In Style –  and for now I will leave all their predictions behind.  My hunt is my own.  First stop is Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Half of this collection I like, half I dislike.  I’m discovering that I don’t know how to talk about fashion when it is totally inappropriate for any version of my body.  If you look at the whole collection, you’ll see lots of sloppy dresses designed for tall women with small breasts.  Nothing against those women or against the designers.  My imagination came up flat when I looked at the dresses, though.  I have boobs and those dresses need bras.  Onto what I very much liked.

Take a look at the full-sized picture of the first outfit and marvel.  Not sure what happened at the armhole, but I’ll let it be.   That first outfit is comfortable armor, right up my alley. Here’s what I hope:  The sweater is the lightest of cashmere, the vest is silk and wool and lined in slippery charmeuse, and that it’s not too hard to keep the angle of that sweater during my day.  I do enough god damn staring at myself in every reflective surface I encounter without adding on a check to make sure my asymmetry is perfect.  The skirt is dubious.  I like the cut, the fit, but the fabric is too muddy to my eye.  A graphic print is a good idea, though.  Ask yourself, can you wear it?  That zippy white line traveling the vest, front to back, making people watch you move.  It’s good.  And sway, sway as you walk down the hall in your comfortable booties and slinky skirt. It works at the office and it even works on Saturday if you switch the skirt for leggings or skinny jeans.  It’s a go.

That black leather jacket has blue piping.  When was the last time you heard that, the black leather jacket has blue piping?  It’s a shame we don’t hear that more often.  Loose comfortable armhole, 3/4 length sleeve, two hook and eye closures.  This is a jacket even I might tolerate for most of a day.  I hate feeling constrained.  This jacket deserves some serious knock-off consideration, even if I don’t attempt it in leather.  And I am taking right into my brain this idea of a slightly fitted dress paired with a slightly fitted jacket.  This is what Zero + Maria Cornejo excels at – not-so-obvious sexy.  I could use some of that.  Instead of my usual, “Hello, here are my boobs.”  The list for fall begins.


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