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Laboring with Aggugini

It’s Labor Day.  I am wrestling with the notion that my time is better spent relaxing than it is making something and learning what I don’t know.  When I buy clothes, they mostly don’t fit.  Unless they’re knits or items designed not to close at the bust.  Not for any other reason than my body is a particular body.  Middle-aged, decent rack, short-waisted, pouchy belly, long legs, and knock knees.  I deplore shopping and the best way to groovy clothes is to sew.  It scared the living daylights out of me to get this blog up and running.  And it’s going to scare the living daylights out of me to sew in public.  I don’t like to fuck up.  I know we are defined by how we handle mistakes, you get decked, you get up and you do it until you die.  Am I missing a gene?  Is it too late to learn perseverance?  I hope not.

Will there be any fashion today?  Yes, right now.  Right here.

Aren’t these fun?  To everyone out there, wearing a book on your head is only for professionals.   The designer is Kinder Aggugini and you can read about him here.  Full collection here.  According to one quote, he is “fabulously opinionated and discursive.”  I had to look up “discursive” – fluent and expansive.  I would like this on my gravestone.  “She was fabulously opinionated and discursive.”  An epigraph to stand the test of time.

This collection brings the flapper girl into the 21st century. It’s swing dancing in a pavilion at the park, fireflies igniting by the thousands, it’s hooch in the punch.  Shaped without being restrictive, flirty but not excessively young.  The first outfit would also bring a little fun to a summer work day in Traverse City. Not in a law firm, or a mortuary, or the hospital, but to lots of other places.  For my place, my desk, my meetings.  I like it quite well.  The panels do that great thing of cutting an expanse apart and making things seem smaller all around.  Another welcome lie.   Honest to Pete, I would wear this whole thing out of the box, only changing up the shoes.  The black floral fabric reminds me of Rorshach’s blots.  There is nothing I love better than running around in flat shoes, wearing a skirt that moves, tickles my thighs and threatens to show drawers if the wind picks up.  This is my summer uniform.

I don’t often take you to church but that’s where we are going today.  This second dress is all Easter Sunday, prim, pretty, alluring, attention getting.  Not in an “upstage Jesus” way just in an “I care about looking good for Jesus” way.  Maybe there is some sort of Bible hat out there to complete the look.  You know who would look great in this?  You. I would look good in this, with a v-neck and a bit more fitting in the torso.  And I could wear this at work all day (clearly not being a church goer), up and down to the water cooler and back with no fussy adjusting anything.   The floral side panels in this feel too young for me and if I tackled a knock-off I would consider stripes on the bias or meaty geometric along the lines of this. The color is wrong but the idea is right. Or maybe this more abstract floral.

A couple more outfits fathomed.  Nothing may appeal to you here.   No matter, we keep working our fashion muscles to get the blood flowing.  Same thing with my sewing.  Time to flex some muscles and allow myself to screw up quietly or maybe spectacularly. I’ll be fine either way.

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  1. June Rengo #

    Should you (heaven forbid) predecease me, I will make sure that “opinionated and discursive” will be chiseled on your tombstone, should you have one. Or you could consider it as a tatoo, since it’s a very good description of you right now.–Sew on and nuts to any who say”hold, enough!” Love, Mom

    September 3, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      “Nuts to anyone!” I like it.

      September 6, 2012
  2. Joe #

    While most of the commentary is “waisted” on me, (pun intended) I still read for style vs. content and my admiration grows. Write on……. PS – Both Kinder outfits are cool. 3 Thumbs Up !

    September 3, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      Much appreciated. Happy belated birthday, sir!

      September 6, 2012
  3. Nancy #

    I love the skirts and you are discursive.

    September 5, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      The skirts are so darling. Thanks for saying I am discursive.

      September 6, 2012

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