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If only we could all afford all the cashmere we wanted – TSE

Last July, when I was in San Francisco with my family to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday, I stepped inside a TSE store thinking, “Maybe?”  Oh no, absolutely not.  Not even a scarf.  If I hadn’t already spent $400 at the Fluevog store, I might have persevered on the scarf.  The store was spare and gray, clean and uncluttered.  Nerve-wracking for a pudgy person like me; I might run into something, send something clattering to the floor.  Immediately, I know I cannot buy any clothes.  The sales staff knows that, too, and they greet me but depart. I wanted to mess that store up.  It took 45 seconds to cave and start skulking around thinking, “Not worthy, not worthy.”  Then I move to the sale rack and send the clear signal that I am surprised by the prices and my only hope is something on sale.  Such is the life of a pudgy regular person with normal financial constraints who lacks confidence in high end stores.  (No need to call me out on the shoe thing.)

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Compendium – sparks from the week

The main spark from the week is our glorious fall weather.  Of course depending on when you click that link, it may not look so good.

Is fit more important than thin? – via  Ash in Fashion

Cauliflower korma – looks a little fussy but this is ringing all my culinary bells and I will be making this on Sunday

Favorite new shopping blog — author is Kim France, former editor of Lucky magazine. Here’s a quote from her About page to explain the gig –

This blog is about the many Girls of a Certain Age who inspire with their style and wit and brains.  It’s about figuring out a new and somewhat tweaked way to look chic and distinctive and sexy—because, as a wise person once said, the older you get, the dumber cool looks.

Great bags that aforementioned blog helped me find.

7-11 and the election -heard about this on NPR and even though the 7-11 spokesman says it’s all just a joke, this marketing ploy has predicted the outcome of the election correctly the last three times.  Hmmm.

Great, great, great outfit – Penelope Cruz in a stunning cardigan/pants look.

Keep laughing – via the amazing Sally McGraw

The photograph?  Two beautiful and soon to be nutritious buttercup squash. One will be soup, the other will be cooked and mixed up with garbanzos, maybe?  From the wonderful Isadore Farm.  At the farmer’s market every Saturday, best carrots around.

Ferocious – Vionnet back with the ladies

Some of these looks are pretty fierce but they’re not ferocious.  Crazy wind yesterday, ate us up and spit the pits out. That’s the ferocious I refer to.  Hate wind like this.  I worry that a tree will fall on the house. If that ever does happen, I have absolutely no idea what to do.  Well, what I would do is call my mom.  There you have it.  Honestly, who do you call?  This is where having a capable live-in partner comes in handy.  The likelihood of a tree falling on the house is so small, however, that I will chance it.  I’d rather be calling my mom and crying as rain fills the house than figure out how to grocery shop for anyone other than myself.

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Compendium – sparks from the week

It was an odd week all around and not much work got done here.  My dearest and oldest friend moved to town and there was a sleepover and eating chips.  My modem tanked and there was the setup of the new modem which is still a little futzy.  A throat/cold thing is knocking around so there was a day home from work in which I read the entirety of the new Lee Child Jack Reacher novel.  Still not 100% but I’m heading off in a bit to help get the rug and the living room furniture situated up at my friend’s new place.  Here are a few things from the week to take a look at:

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Compendium – sparks from the week

Trick bicyclist Danny Macaskills (via The Improvised Life) – I love this guy and even though I and the concept of “athlete” could not be more distant, what he says about practice and work inspires me. My biggest boondoggle with sewing is I refuse to practice and improve.

Amen Jonathan Kozol, amen (via the Daily Good) – the failure of the American education system

Taking care of my feet this weekend – I love the Design Sponge site.  Browse around and find something to entrance you.

Handling bias – saving this tip from Marcy Tilton about working with bias.  It’s a great intro to her lovely fabrics, too.

Creative Bug – just learned about this from Gertie and am debating.  Being the queen of buying classes and then not doing a damn thing, I suspect myself.  But I need tap pants and I know petersham waistbands  are good for my body type.  And, gasp, Natalie Chanin. I will watch this intro more than once.  I want to date her.

Juicy knits for the home – I want to burrow down in these and read Jane Eyre while it rains and burgundy leaves fall to the ground.   And this chair delights me.

The reality of the fashion business – via Gorgeous Fabrics – sobering read.  More hard work and more capricious than most of us imagine.

Next on the movie list – of course it didn’t open in our little hamlet this week.

And the image?  Mine, from the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Frederick Meijer Gardens two Septembers ago.

Tromping the heath and all that jazz – Burberry

Fall is coming and there is little time for frivolity like ridiculous red coats that trip well-meaning but vain women.  My boss laughed over the last post.  The coat and skirt were the silliest things she’d ever seen.  Not her exact words, but I got the drift.  I laughed when she told me and practically yelled, “Are you kidding, you didn’t like that coat?” Right in the cafeteria, in the middle of the afternoon.  I stand by that coat and instead of deciding to look at her askance for the rest of my life, I flooded with happiness.  It is a silly coat and she’s under no obligation to like it.  But she  and other people saw it.  Good day.

So here is something for my dear manager.  Something sexy and bold but not ridiculous. We’re off to the windy Read more

Wes Gordon to the rescue

I have been struggling for days to come up with the next post.  Fear kicked me in the back of the knees repeatedly.  And then I found Wes Gordon and everything changed.  Anyone who employs a floor-sweeping cascading coattail in red has my vote for anything.  For Mean Dog Catcher even.  There are few things that remain unforgiven of the person who created this coat.  I hardly know what to do except squeal.  It’s impractical, it’s inspiring, it’s a minor character in a novel.  Our heroine broke three ribs in a back alley brawl, gave birth to twins, left them for her sister to raise, ran off to London,  and then I don’t know, conned her way in to running an art gallery and wore this exact outfit every single weekend.  It was her regular coat.  Of course, she was also probably a drug addict.

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