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Compendium – sparks from the week

In the fine tradition of bloggers everywhere, I am posting my first link collection.  Enjoy.

  • An introduction to the marvelous You Look Fab site.  Angie’s blog gives me ideas every single week.  If I were forced to pick one style blog, this would be in my top five.
  • Who can resist a place called Beetlebung Farm?  This post almost made me want to fall in love again and have a romance.  I quickly came to my senses.
  • I love the street style slide shows the NY Times does.  This is a recent one from an Afro-Punk festival in Brooklyn.  There is not one thing I would wear myself, but I still loved the photos.  Especially photo number two.  I would love for that guy to stroll down Front Street.
  • I stumbled across Marc Johns, thanks to Design Sponge, and this series of drawings about smart foods cracked me up.
  • Not a month goes by that I don’t think about living in NYC again.  This article caused one of those moments.
  • Heading off to here today –  I am looking forward to the glass works.

I expect to get one more fashion post in this weekend, but I’ve got a big re-org idea in the house that may take precedence.  Happy Labor Day in case I don’t get back here.

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  1. I am totally flattered. Thanks for the shout out! I LOVE silk, cotton, chocolate and croissants too 🙂

    August 31, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      My pleasure. Every day at lunch, I sneak a peek, then read the whole thing.

      August 31, 2012
  2. Jeanette E. Trinity #

    Oh, my closet is the same. That is why I’d like to enter the Pattern Review Mini-Wardrobe contest so something goes together purposely and not accidently.

    September 3, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      I will be looking for your wardrobe when it comes time to vote.

      September 3, 2012

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