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Your qualifications, if any, ma’am?


Any degrees, pedigrees, completed study course that support fashion writing?

None at all.

Why should someone read what you have to say?

I ask myself this every day.  The only thing I come up with is this: I will write well enough to maintain their interest and that the topics of interest to me are topics of interest to them.  I also hope I will be funny occasionally.  And not a “in love with my cleverness” funny, but maybe once in a while there will be a truly humorous moment.  People often laugh when I talk, so maybe I can do something with that.

What are some of your other qualifications?

Flexible hamstrings, great laugh, lovely blue eyes.  Wait, those are physical attributes. My grammar and spelling are excellent.  And if they are ever not excellent, please leave a comment.  I write good emails and I lead an excellent meeting.  I’m rude and sometimes say mean things.  I make sure I am not always running to and fro with ceaseless demands on my time.  I take care of myself that way.  I love fabric.  I am astonished by couture.  Imagining hands sewing fabric somewhere in Paris, stitching on a sequin, hand embroidering, easing a collar to a neckline, all these things thrill me.

Not too many qualifications, then?

Asked and answered, I believe.  I have as many qualifications as anyone else who wants to write about something she cares about.  I write about it.

You sound defensive.

That’s true.  I am nervous and hardly believe in myself as any kind of writer.  But you know?  The hell with it.

Last two questions – what’s the best thing about today?  Will you show folks pictures of your closet?

Best thing – one of fifteen green balloons that I was carrying in the back of my mom’s car today popped while I was driving the balloons to work.  I screamed, a mini-scream, and didn’t hit any other cars.  Yes, I will show pictures of my closet, primarily to make other people feel better about their own closets.  You’ll congratulate yourself when you see how disorganized and ridiculous my closet is.  My gift to you.

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  1. Nancy #

    Will it help if people endorse you, you can list me as an endorsement if it helps with qualifications.

    August 30, 2012
    • Rebecca Davis #

      If need documents, I will come to you first.

      August 30, 2012

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