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Compendium – sparks from the week

In the fine tradition of bloggers everywhere, I am posting my first link collection.  Enjoy.

  • An introduction to the marvelous You Look Fab site.  Angie’s blog gives me ideas every single week.  If I were forced to pick one style blog, this would be in my top five.
  • Who can resist a place called Beetlebung Farm?  This post almost made me want to fall in love again and have a romance.  I quickly came to my senses. Read more

Two Things Converged

My oldest friend Carolyn, after reading the first post, wrote this to me:  Also, I’m wondering about an umbrella/core statement from you about your passion for this:  how is it that this came to matter to you?  I know you said you’re interested in colors, shapes, textures, but as a reader, I’d love to know more about how/why those things vividly engage you in the world and/or with others.

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Celine (not Dion) and the flat out liar lady

The Tigers are losing to the Kansas City Royals and acorns are bombing my roof. Let’s move onto something not distressing – Celine, Spring 2012, designed by the beloved Phoebe Philo.  Full collection here.  These clothes remind me of a gin and tonic – slightly sweet, bracing and crisp.

Tonight it’s quiet in the neighborhood, but these clothes aren’t this neighborhood.  Maybe a place like this:   A flagstone deck, a blue Adirondack chair made of recycled pop bottles, a watch plaid throw rug, Lake Read more

Cool closet, right? Qualifications, part II

No, not so much.  As indicated in an earlier post, my closet isn’t anything to crow about it.  It’s primary function right now  is storing five or six things I like a lot and twenty things I could set fire to and never miss.  It’s the closet of a messy eight-year old.

Worst offenders:

  • A white heavy linen jacket that doesn’t fit quite right, the armholes are too low.  I’ve since learned that “fit” is more than “it buttons.”
  • A yellow linen jacket, bought while thrifting that is the most glorious marigold color, that very few Caucasian women can pull off.
  • Two form fitting and flowery dresses from JC Penny’s a couple of summers ago.  A little too form fitting, even back then.   Also, too much boob on display.  A co-worker owns one of the dresses, which keeps it forever off my list.  Last thing, even though my figure looks hourglassy and va-voom, they are so constricting that I want to drive fast and mow down mailboxes, screaming.  Writing about them even makes me jittery.

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Shift to Cookies, Buy Some Diamonds – Marni

MarniSpring 2012 (entire collection)

When I look at this top and skirt, the brown and teal v-neck starts a little hammer tap in my gut.  I want things all the time.  Anna’s Ginger Cookies, that I sneak shop from the Glen’s on 8th and Rose, for example.  I don’t mean that I steal them.  My thieving days were left behind 45 years ago.  What “sneak shop” means is that I look around for someone I know.  Someone who might know that I profess to not eat such things.  Last trip was A-OK.  No one saw me.  But I do want things all the time.

In addition to simply wanting the outfit, the whole look puts me on the hunt for more guts.  And a different brain.  How does this outfit work?  The blue and the brown top is perfectly clear to me.  No special gifts are needed to get that.  But how did the designer pick the skirt, how did the happen and why does it work for me?   It’s a curious dissonance that I want to get.

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Your qualifications, if any, ma’am?

Any degrees, pedigrees, completed study course that support fashion writing?

None at all.

Why should someone read what you have to say?

I ask myself this every day.  The only thing I come up with is this: I will write well enough to maintain their interest and that the topics of interest to me are topics of interest to them.  I also hope I will be funny occasionally.  And not a “in love with my cleverness” funny, but maybe once in a while there will be a truly humorous moment.  People often laugh when I talk, so maybe I can do something with that.

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Tilda Swinton – Come to Michigan and bring your clothes

I wrote post after post from spring until summer, focusing on spring and summer clothes.  My nerve failed me and I hoarded them.   And here we are with fall looming and a bunch of posts in my back pocket about sunshine and shorts. No matter, I will share a few and move onto fall.

Just to be crystal clear – Traverse City, Michigan is a great place.  It’s not a fashion wasteland by any means.  It’s a cool town  and while we might draw hard from LL Bean and Eddie Bauer, we also have tattoos far and wide,  dreadlocks,  hipsters and then a whole bunch of folks who could care less.  Front Street has some great shops.  Ella’s has all the skinny chicks covered with a hip and expensive selection.  Backcountry Outfitters is here to stay and thanks be for that, but boy is that place frenetic.  Must be all that focus on vigorous activity.   Muriel’s is great for the slightly older crowd with bellies and a never-say-die style. But there is not a woman out there interested in fashion who couldn’t take something from couture clothing runway  and up her game because of it. Even those of us who lean toward northern Michigan sensible. Is it easy?  Of course not.  You’re looking at the pictures thinking “What’s with the Cat-in-the-Hat hat?”  Or “I can’t run around with my pants dragging on the floor like some bastard pseudo wedding train.”  Or one of the more common reactions, “Huh?”

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